Dream Big By Alex Anderson

I know sometimes it’s hard to follow your dreams because the world is against you. It may just seem like it but it’s not that way, but sometimes you just got to push through those feelings of being hated and show these haters how it’s done. It also may be hard when you have no support at times.

 I personally know as an artist at times I feel discourage. About the middle of the 2nd nine weeks I felt like I wasn’t funny, my music sucked, and all sorts of things. Eventually I push through those feelings and I realized that everything is alright, and I told myself to just stay strong because I would come back 20 times stronger!

Now I’ll admit you don’t always end up doing what you want as a job or career.  I personally hope that you love whatever you end up doing for a career. That doesn’t mean quit whatever your doing never quit. If your work hard enough you will eventually get where you want to be. If you work hard enough you will get what you want. All you have to do is push.

Here is one example of a person who dreamed big and worked hard. He had to push a lot to get where he is today. Eminem is one of the greatest MC’s of his time period and to this day is known to be a legend. Eminem though didn’t make it over night. He was bullied for the fact for being white and being in the rap game. He was frequently tempted to be booed of stage. Just as he was losing hope Dr. Dre heard his Slim Shady EP and wanted a deal with him ASAP. Eventually he became famous and is now considered a legend and always will be. That is a prime example of someone who dreamed big and worked hard.  

Another example of someone who dreamed big is Lil Wayne. Wayne grew up in a broke home of New Orleans, Louisiana. He was around a lot of bad things. For instance he dealt with drugs, gangs, gang bangers and an abusive father. When Lil Wayne was 10 he had a big father figure his mom’s boyfriend. Wayne liked him because he didn’t look at him as a boy, he looked at him as a young man. Lil Wayne respected his thoughts and ideas. When Lil Wayne turned 14 his mother’s boyfriend was shot multiple times and killed. Lil Wayne was devastated and upset. At the age of 11 years old he rapped on Birdman’s (a famous record producer) answering machine.  Birdman heard it, signed Lil Wayne, and now Lil Wayne is known as one of the greatest rappers alive.  As you can see Lil Wayne has been through a lot of things but he managed to push during his worst times.

Lil Wayne and Eminem have gone through a lot but they  managed to do what they loved, broke or rich. So my point is if they can do it you can too. Always do what you love and let nothing bring you down.



Breakdown Day at CJHS

On Wednesday, January 22nd the school participated in a day meant to “break down barriers” between people. At the beginning of the day Mr. Cass showed similarities between students using traits and characteristics such as height, eye color, and birth months. Later on the students had agreed to enter a useless talent contest where people had shown such as flexibility, smallest foot, and largest thumb. Later in the afternoon the students went into classrooms and expressed their feelings and things they liked, using small games, direct conversation, and “question and answer.” After the day was over many students became more understanding and respectful of their classmates. I know I got to know my journalism class a little better from participating in the activities. Hopefully we all became a little more understanding of what other people go through on a daily basis.


Turkey King & Queen at CJHS By Billy Moore

This year there will be a Turkey King and Queen here at CJHS. Ms. McPhail and the Builders Club are directing this event. 

The voting for Turkey King and Queen has been held for the last two weeks. You could have voted by putting real money into the boxes that the candidates decorated. These boxes were located by the office.

All profits will go towards a charity. The Builders Club uses this money to provide gifts to a family in need. They also use this money to buy gifts for Veterans at a local nursing homes.

The nominees for Turkey Queen are Sara Lavanti, Rorrie House, Savannah Wallace, Jaidyn Buckingham, Paige Summers, Olivia Hutchraft, Mackenzie Pratt, and Kaity Hixson. The nominees for the Turkey King are Jonny Simmons, Logan Elko, Kyle Hammers, Brendon Russell, Bricen Dorris, Gabe Campbell, and Greg Cooper.

Olivia Hutchcraft says she is happy to be nominated for the Turkey Queen and is happy to raise money for underprivileged families to buy presents. She wants to promote herself by good character, and hopes to set a good example by being a good role model. Brendan Russell is also happy to be nominated for the Turkey King. He wants to raise money for families as well, and wants to promote anti-bulling.

The winner will receive a crown and pin. If you haven’t done so already, cast your vote for who you think should be our Turkey King and Queen here at CJHS! Time is running out!


Olivia Hutchcraft says she is happy to be nominated for the turkey queen  and is happy to raise money for under privileged families to buy presents. She wants to promote herself by good character and hopes to set a good role model. Brendan Russell is also happy to be nominated for the turkey king he wants to raise money for families as well and wants to promote anti-bulling.


Rules & Regulations for Hunting By Gavin Walton

There are many hunting seasons in America. Some consist of squirrel, rabbit, turkey, and fox. Before you go hunting you need to take a hunter’s safety course. They are made for your safety and teach you how to handle a gun properly. Most of these courses are anywhere from five hours to twelve hours long. After finishing the test you will need a void card and a gun card. You get a void card and a gun card by filling out an application and sending it off to the state officials. This is where they take all of the information they need and send you back a card. The reason why you need a gun card is showing ownership of a gun, and you need the void card in order to buy ammunition.

Squirrel Season starts August the 1st and ends February the 15th, but it’s closed during firearm deer season then re-opens after deer season is over. The most popular gun to squirrel hunt with is a 22 rifle. This gun shoots small bullets so it doesn’t demolish the squirrel where you can’t clean or eat it. Another popular gun for squirrel is a 4/10 shotgun. This shotgun shoots a small shot so it also doesn’t demolish the squirrel or other small game. The down fall to this gun is when you shoot the animal after you skin it you have to pick the lead pellets out of it. When you hunt squirrel your daily limit is five and you can have ten in your possession. That means if you shoot five squirrels and someone else gives you five more squirrels, you have ten in your possession and if you get caught with more than that the game warden could give you a ticket.

Rabbit season is another season people regularly hunt. The hours you can hunt rabbit is from sunrise to sunset.  Your daily limit is four rabbits and you’re allowed to have 10 in your possession. The season starts Nov. 3 and goes through Jan. 22.  There are two different types of rabbits. There is the cotton tail and the swamp rabbit. A gun used to hunt rabbits is usually a 20 gauge or a 22 rifle.

There is also a season to hunt fox. There are two different types of foxes the red fox and the gray fox. Most people hunt them for their pelts or if they’re a pest on a farm. People eat their chickens or other small mammals. There is no limit of foxes. That means you can shoot as many foxes as you want in one day. Most foxes are sleeping during the day but the best time to hunt them is in the morning and evening.

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, you can’t forget about turkey season. You must buy permits to hunt the animals. In the spring hunting times are ½ hr before sunrise till 1pm. When fall comes around your hunting times have changed from sunrise till sunset. Turkeys usually travel in groups to stay safe and most people don’t know but turkeys can fly. At the end of a day of the turkeys fly into a tree to roost for the night till morning. At one time Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird because the turkey has red, white, and blue on their necks.

We have different hunting seasons is to keep the animal population in check. That way they animals don’t overcrowd one area of land. Hunting is a good hobby to have.


My Thanksgiving By Genny Johnson


For some people Thanksgiving is a time to eat Turkey and spend time with family. For my mother and I it is a day that  we remember our ancestors.

One of our ancestors was Edward Doty who came here on the Mayflower.  Some of our other ancestors are the Wampanoag Indians. The Wampanoag Indians were already here when the Pilgrims came here from England in 1620. The Indians helped the Pilgrims with crops and animals. They helped them to farm and survive.

In 1621 Plimoth Massachusetts at Plimoth Plantation the 1st Thanksgiving was held.  The meal was at harvest. The Pilgrims had this meal with the Indians to give thanks for their help. The feast lasted three days. In 1863, during the Civil War, President Lincoln declared that the fourth Thursday of November would be Thanksgiving.

Now Thanksgiving is a time to eat and gather with family.  This year Thanksgiving is November 28. I will be with my family at my grandma’s remembering our ancestors. Where will you be?


Spotlight Teacher By Gavin Morhing

Mrs. Stowers is our spotlight teacher. She teaches 7th grade math and home economics here at CJHS. Mrs. Stowers’ favorite thing to do outside of school is spend time with her kids. She said her favorite food was spaghetti. Two of her favorite sports are basketball and softball. Mrs. Stowers’ favorite team is Duke.

Mrs. Stowers went to McKendree College.  Mrs. Stower’s has been teaching for 7 years. She first started teaching in Akin.  Mrs. Stowers’ favorite class to teach is math, and her favorite subject is math. I think Mrs. Stower’s is one of the best 7th grade teachers.